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22nd December 2020
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Wink Pro 3D Faux Mink Lash


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100% handmade 3D artificial mink It has the softest and fullest texture.
Made of artificial mink fur. Suitable for women who prefer natural eyelashes.
Has been sterilized to ensure its hypoallergenicity.
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Wink Pro Lashes

Medium Ultra Thick, TG026 – 3D Fame, TG027 – 3D Dazzling, TG028 – Double Volume 3D Seduction, TG031 – Double Volume 3D Exotic, TG032 – 3D Midnight, TG033 – Double Volume 3D Miami, TG034 – 3D Natural, TG035 – 3D Subtle, TG036 – 3D Envy Me, TG030 – 3D Glamour, TG029 – Double Volume 3D Dramatic