Moco de Gorilla Gel Sport 340g
1st December 2020
Moco de Gorilla Snot Gel Galan 270g
1st December 2020
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Moco de Gorilla Snot Gel Sport 270g


Gorilla exercise reflects active energy.
You can now perform sports-style hairstyles that reflect the energy of high-level athletes.
Gorilla movement reflects active energy. Bouncer gel sports energy slime and its concept have a high-strength fixing effect, which can help you keep your hairstyle beautiful in any activity.
With its natural ingredients, its advanced residue-free formula protects your hair.
The details are full of vitality, vitality, movement and endurance.
Instructions: Pressing a part of the Moco de gorilla gel on the hair with your fingers can provide exercise energy to make it shape according to your preferences. Reactivate with water