Longrich Superbklean Magnetic Energy Sanitary Napkin Anion- Night




Product Description Superbklean magnetic sanitary napkins, the world’s leading high-tech patented product. The cushion has 8 layers, which can improve absorption, smoothness and comfort.
Using this product helps relieve menstrual discomfort and prevent odor. Superbklean magnetic negative ion sanitary pads have 3 main advantages: 1. Health-magnetic tape provides 3 kinds of natural energy (magnetic, anion and far infrared), which can greatly enhance blood circulation, cell viability, regular detoxification, biological enzymes in the vagina. Resistance to bacteria and immunity against any infections.
It can prevent many female problems. 2. Safe and comfortable-food-grade outer packaging and 360-degree inner packaging make it hygienic and safer. The soft surface, fast and effective absorption brings you a comfortable feeling.
The bottom layer is made of high-strength and breathable (breathable) material, which can prevent leakage and effectively reduce the moisture and warmth between the napkin and the skin. 3. High cost-effectiveness-its absorption capacity is 3 to 5 times that of most sanitary napkins on the market, making it cost-effective compared to other sanitary napkins.
Not recommended for in case of pregnancy