Fair White Savon Gommant Exfoliating Soap 200g Fair&White – Savon Gommant Exfoliating Soap 200g


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Flawless and beautiful skin.
It can deeply exfoliate the skin to prevent the body from accumulating dust, blackheads and other spots. The ingredients are effective and can bring you quick results and keep your skin fresh. Exfoliating soap will make the skin soft and supple.
Regular use of this body care product helps protect the skin from spots. This perfume is specially formulated to give you a lasting fragrance.

The extracts in the soap provide you with rich foam that can cleanse your body. 200 grams of exfoliating soap can remove all the dirt on the body and face.
When the shower gel penetrates deep into the skin, your complexion will glow. Bottle with box-200g