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26th November 2020
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Directions Hair Colour Semi-Permanent Vegan Conditioning Hair Colour


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A Vegan, Cruelty-Free Semi Permanent Conditioning hair colour


The displayed colour is a simulation of the actual colour.
Naturally, the results will vary depending on the hair color, hair type, process and product used. We always recommend that you do a chain test first.


Available in 36 brilliant colours!

Additional information
Directions Colours

Alpine Green, Apple Green, Apricot, Atlantic Blue, Bright Daffodil, Carnation Pink, Cerise Pink, Coral Red, Dark Tulip, Denim Blue, Ebony, Fire, Flame, Flamingo Pink, Fluorescent Glow, Lagoon Blue, Lavender, Lilac, Mandarin, Midnight Blue, Neon Blue, Pastel Pink, Pillarbox Red, Plum, Poppy Red, Rose Red, Rubine, Silver, Spring Green, Tangerine, Tulip, Turquoise, Vermillion, Violet, White Toner, Wisteria