Bigen Hair Dye


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Bigen permanent hair dye is perfect for people who want long-lasting, excellent white hair coverage or enhance their natural hair dyeing effect. The formula that has been verified for more than 30 years can ensure effective results.
The unique powder formula is activated by water to deposit rich, natural color even in the most stubborn white hair. No ammonia is required. Regardless of the color, consistency, state, length or style of natural hair, this deposited-only color is a gentle choice for rich colors and optimal gloss! Designed to gently deposit lasting color!


Bigen Permanent Powder is a hair dye that only deposits and does not require lifting (lightening) effect to darken hair.
Although some ordinary permanent hair coloring uses these two effects unnecessarily, Bigen’s simple hair coloring system means less damage to the hair. Large permanent powder hair dye can make your hair look smooth, natural and shiny.

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Black Brown, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Dark Chesnut, Deep Burgundy, Golden Brown, Oriental Black, Rich Medium Brown