Africa’s Best Kids Organics 2in1 Natural Conditioning Detangler


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This mild, double-break-proof, leave-in conditioner and tangling agent can help comb knots and tangles easily.
Containing extra virgin olive oil and other essential organic conditioning ingredients, no matter the hair is natural, textured or loose, the hair remains soft, shiny and free of tangles.
Children’s Organics 2-n-1 Organics Care Dispersant can soften unmanageable hair while moisturizing and preventing breakage and damage. An excellent remedy for combing freshly washed hair. Tangled curly and curvy hair, used to style ponytails and curls.
How to use: Spray plenty of water on the hair and scalp. For best results, use a wide-tooth comb to comb gently. From the beginning, all the way to the scalp. Add more to the particularly tangled areas, then comb gently. Do not pull the comb through the tangled area. The style is business as usual. Do not use a comb, curling iron or iron to wet your hair.