African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Soothe and Restore Shine Oil 177 ml


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For life-long beautiful, healthy and strong hair, please start with Olive Miracle DreamKids®.
Our moisture-rich, gentle baby formula contains the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and herbal extracts that can be used for generations to help strengthen and protect hair. The soothing, restoring and shine oil specially formulated for children’s delicate hair and scalp has anti-breaking properties and can help restore the necessary oils to prevent breakage, split ends, and dry hair and scalp. Immediately improve softness and enhance the luster of natural curly, wavy and curly hair.
Quick and easy, it can immediately improve her hair condition, allowing your little Curlie to define and control frizz as needed. Your daily gentle protection can keep your hair strong and beautiful and healthy. Very suitable for all styles.