About Us


Some people are born to be entrepreneurs but others find themselves naturally transitioning into it as a result of unique circumstances and their own flair for making a business out of nothing. Elohor falls into the latter category;

"Starting Dukels was never something I had imagined myself doing, but when the opportunity was handed to me, I couldn’t let it go!"

Elohor’s story is one of unflinching determination to make her dream a reality, and ambition to crack a relatively untapped market in Cambridgeshire. As Elohor recounts it, she was practically offered her first outlet in the Grafton Centre on a plate, simply because she made enquiries about an advert she had seen offering a “unique business opportunity”. That ‘opportunity’ turned out to be prime retail space in one of the city’s most frequented shopping centers, and the rest, as they say, is history. With nothing more than an idea and sheer grit, Elohor began work on a plan to sell hair products and accessories with her USP being that she is the sole product retailer for some the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry.

Elohor’s natural charisma and sharp business acumen has allowed her almost exclusive access to around 50 product lines. She is not all business though – just read some of the reviews from customers and you will see that Elohor is a living epitome of what it means to be a conscientious entrepreneur; in fact, some customers go to the shop just to have a chat with her!

When she is not in the shop, Elohor is passionate about her faith in God and cooking – two things which as she puts it “keeps me grounded and gives me a reason to get up every day”.

Don’t just take our word for it, pop in to the shop on Regent Street and let us help you immerse yourself in a world of beauty!

  • 2008Secured a shop in the Grafton

  • 2010Started trading as Dukels

  • 2012In-house hairdresser

  • 2015Moved to Regent Street


Dukels is a customer focused company. Our clients are unique, and we see value in this. We believe that without our customers, we cannot succeed in the Hair and Beauty industry. We aim to deliver a variety of products to different customers, based on their individual needs and circumstances.


We often want to know what products are best suited for our diverse customers. We focus on what our customer needs, and stock products to meet those needs.


With our vibrant workforce we take an enthusiastic and positive approach to providing nothing short of excellent customer service. We aim to provide a unique experience per customer before and after the sale. Our staff have excellent knowledge of our extensive product range. We use our initiative and aim to understand our customers to determine which products are suitable and best meets their needs. We always make sure our customers are welcomed whether on the phone or in the shop. Our customers are more than likely to see a friendly face in the shop that is ready to help. We want you to know that you are valued and that you matter. We take pride in providing our clients with all the information regarding our special offers, promotions and upcoming products. We frequently check that our customers are satisfied with products and services and act on feedback. In times that we may not deliver to our customer’s standard we will strive for continuous improvement.


We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure the efficient supply of high-quality products. Over the years we have managed to source from trusted and verified suppliers to suit our business needs. A clear example can be seen in our premium hair extensions which are of high quality and frequently purchased by our customers. We frequently collaborate with our suppliers to ensure that we get the best and latest products to meet our customer’s needs.


Located in the centre of Cambridge with a bus stop outside the shop.


By Car
The address is 56 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1DP . Cambridge is serviced north to south by the M11, and east to west by the A14.


By the Park and Ride
The city centre can be full of traffic and one of the easiest ways to reach us is by bus. There are five Park and Ride locations around Cambridge with regular buses into the city. The locations are; Madingley Road, Milton, Babraham Road, Newmarket Road and Trumpington. For information on Cambridge's Park and Ride and Buses click here


By Train
Regular trains to Cambridge from London's King's Cross, London's Liverpool Street, Ipswich, Newmarket, Norwich, Kings Lynn and Peterborough. Busses frequently run from the station to the city centre. There is a bus stop just outside Dukels. Dukels is also a 15 minute walk from the station. For Train times see The Trainline, click here


By Bus
Frequent buses to and from the city centre and stop at Regent Street which is just outside Dukels. For bus times click here


What our customers say about us
Extremely welcoming and helpful, Ms Elohor always takes time to suggest different products which are suitable for me. My visits to Dukels are always a pleasant
I find that the staff are very friendly and caring. They take the time to help me make the best decision on which product to get for myself. 
I love coming here. I am always warmly welcomed. The service is amazing.
You will experience great customer service. They are always fully stocked when I come and if not they tell me when items will be available. The store is well organised, and it is easy to find items. 
Great customer service and a wide range of products.

The best shop for your hair and beauty essentials! You will find everything here! Love this shop!
I receive good customer treatment and they always make sure I am content and find what I am looking for.
All I can say is that the people are helpful and friendly. I highly recommend it.
I started shopping at Dukels since 2016, the staff are always kind and helpful with me and my hair. Dukels is my favourite hair and beauty shop!
The best shop in Cambridge! They have all the products you need for healthy hair. The  items are of good quality.
This is my second time in the shop. I must say I can not wait to come back again. The service is outstanding, they go above and beyond. Oh one more thing! Love the freebies as well!
Really friendly staff and a huge range of products.
I have been coming to Dukels since last year and I have nothing wrong to say! I don’t go anywhere else to do my braids. The hairdresser in the shop is very professional and kind, in fact everyone here is very helpful. I highly recommend everyone to come here.
I come to Dukels regularly to get products for my hair. The prices are affordable and the service is even better. I am a customer for life!
Dukels is such a great shop, it has got everything I need. Staff are lovely and helpful. It’s a God sent shop for people.
An extensive range and good prices! Great customer service.
I love this shop! Lots of great products. Very helpful and friendly staff.
Superb shop! Very friendly and helpful staff.
Lovely customer service and high-quality products. It’s great to have a local store selling a diverse range of products.
Really friendly and knowledgeable staff. Really helpful.
I like coming here because the staff take time to make sure I find what I need.
The customer service is fantastic! there are so many products I no longer need to travel all the way to London.
The reception was amazing, they are a very friendly staff. I will certainly be coming back.
Great customer service! l love coming to this store.
I just came in today and found everything I needed. I will certainly be shopping here!
Excellent service. Friendly staff. I feel very much appreciated when I come here.
Always well stocked and helpful. The only shop I come for all my hair needs. Staff are always friendly and encouraging.
I am a very satisfied customer. Always helpful with advice on hair and products to use on hair and face.
I like this shop because the people are nice and it is a good hair and beauty shop.
Affordable price, high quality products and a good location. I will certainly be coming back to get more!
Friendly staff you can find what you need and go home happy.
This hair and beauty shop will save your life! I recommend everyone to come here. They have more than 75% of products worldwide, braids are awesome and customer service you couldn’t ask for anything better.
Dukels has everything I need. That’s why I keep coming back.
I enjoy coming to this shop. Staff are very helpful and welcoming.  Lots of products for me to pick from. Moreover, the prices are reasonable.
It is a wonderful shop and I find a wide range of highly quality products.
Store is nice and well stocked with majority of the beauty and hair products that I used back in America. This has been my go-to store. I love the atmosphere and great customer service, that keeps me coming back.
You will experience great customer service. They are always fully stocked when I come and if not, they tell me when items will be available. The store is well organised, and it is easy to find items.
It’s a well-stocked shop. So much variety and very friendly staff. It’s Fantastic!
I like how the staff are always kind and willing to help me each time.
Great customer service and the staff have good knowledge of stock.
I highly recommend it. It is the best hair shop in town full stop!
The staff are always very helpful. I come in thinking, I want one thing and I walked out with what I needed!